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Private Label Advantages

Market data shows that private label brands are growing up to six(6) times faster then national brands.  Private label brands help differentiate a retailer from competition, and help build consumer loyalty.  The data also shows that private label helps a business retain up to 70% of its customers.

If you are tired of competing with deeply discounted supermarket, pharmacy, and internet pricing then private label could be the answer.  1 Life Science offers you the opportunity to showcase your own brand.  A brand that offers;

  • A high quality product at  extremely competitive retail prices to pass on to your customer.
  • Everyday low costs which turns sales into higher profits.  No minimum SKU quantities or dollar amounts to receive discounts.


It’s easy to get started. There is absolutely no minimum to become branded. Also, because all products are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility your brand will include the GMP logo on each product purchased. Having your own brand not only builds customer loyalty but allows free advertising for your business. Every time a customer purchases your product, takes it home, and uses it he is reminded of your brand and where it came from. 

Sales Policies

A current resale certificate from the purchaser's home state is required.

1 Life Science honors all major credit cards and will also ship COD if so requested by the customer.

Net 30 terms available upon request.

Free shipping on orders over $100.


1Life Science offers a variety of stock labels for you to choose from or we can substitute your company name and contact information to our existing 1 Life Science label. You are more than welcome to design and send us your own label design and we will be happy to place them on your product. However, all labels submitted must be approved and signed off on by a 1 Life Science representative.

Your art work must be sent;

  • Adobe illustrator type files: .ai, .eps, ,pdf
  • Adobe Photoshop type files: .tiff, .jpg, .png, .pso, .bmp (If bitmap type file is supplied, must be at least 300dpi at actual size.)
  • Cannot accept Microsoft Word, Coral Draw, or Quark Document.

UPC Codes and GMP Labels

1 Life Science will provide a Universal Product Code for all private label products if so requested. You may however provide your own UPC codes if you so desire.

Since all of 1 Life Sciences products are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility all products will have the GMP logo included on each SKU.